Ammo & Company Marching Division

The Heritage of The Ammo & Co Marching Band Division

British marching bands are famous throughout the world. They come in many styles and formats, from fully instrumented military bands to the British traditional corps of drums as well as pipes and drums, bugles, trumpets and drums and so on.

AMMO & Co Ltd are contractors to the Ministry of Defence in the UK as well as a number of governments directly or indirectly, overseas. The company was heavily involved in the joint venture of the development of a military set of British style marching drums with Pearl Percussion alongside the Band Service of HM Royal Marines. The results now speak for themselves. These drums are played not only by the armed forces but many cadet units of the United Kingdom.

To complement the percussion developments, AMMO & Co Ltd also developed bugles and flutes (fifes) in co-operation with the British Army School of Ceremonial.

Added to the instruments of a marching band, full replacement spares are carried together with the most comprehensive detail of clothing and equipment to service all marching band requirements.

The AMMO & Co Ltd services are available on-line and a fully illustrated comprehensive catalogue is available here